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Whose Children Are We?

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In tackling a subject of major anthropological and social importance, the Author unearths some surprising links with today’s world, writing pages of great originality which will not fail to impress and amaze the reader. A book that is definitely “new” and different.

The economic and financial crisis that is sweeping the world, particularly in highly-developed countries, forces us all to sit up and take note that we are coming to the end of an era, the easy era of low cost happiness, a marketable happiness without principles, ideals and values . (…)

In the pages of this volume, the attentive reader will examine, with the enthusiasm and curiosity that is characteristic of anyone who allows himself to become engrossed in the plot of a novel, the human and spiritual path traced by the author (…).

Whoever claims to be a non-believer or considers himself to be distant from the practice of the faith will not feel excluded from the blueprint for life that this book presents. (…) Thanks are due to the author and his staff for having prepared this text which I gladly recommend to priests and educators, parents and teachers, as well as to young people looking for the real meaning of their existence. (…)

It is a useful contribution to the deepening of the pastoral plan of the Italian Bishops Conference for this decade dedicated to educating new generations in the faith: „Educating the good life of the Gospel”. The text translated into a number of languages
may serve a new evangelization in other countries. (…)

It is necessary to return to God and talk to Him not as a remote and omnipotent creator of our destiny, but as a tender and loving Father. God is Father, our Father.
From the Preface by Mgr. Giovanni D’Ercole
AutorStefano Tardani
Data wydania2014
Format144 x 204 mm
Oprawa książkiMiękka
Liczba stron456

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